Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fishing Report for Wed, June 8th

Over the last few days we've caught some Roundhead (Whiting/Sea Mullet/Southern Kingfish) that have ranged in size from small up to 12-14 inches. We have also been catching small Spot, and some small Croaker started biting today. Fishing has generally been better overnight and early morning.

Crabs are still biting.

If you are planning on coming out tonight, dress for windy conditions. It's also a little chilly.

New Cobia Regulations can be found here:

If our report is not up to date enough for you, please feel free to call for the latest fishing report 757-481-7071.

Just a reminder to everyone that WE DO NOT GIVE OUT INDIVIDUAL FISHING REPORTS VIA MESSENGER. Please continue to check our Newsfeed or call 757–481–7071 for updated fishing reports.

All our info can be found here:

Water temp is here:
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 72.9 degrees
First Landing/Cape Henry 71.3 degrees

Weather can be checked here:

(For the most accurate tides, use Cape Henry and/or Lynnhaven Inlet for the address - the pier is about half-way between the two points)
Incoming tide is typically better than outgoing tide. Incoming tide is approx. 1 hour after Low up to 1 hour before High.

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