Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fishing Report for Tues, Oct 17

We've caught decent sized Spot for the majority of the day, and so far this evening. They also caught a couple of keeper Puppy Drum late this afternoon. (Sorry, didn't manage to get any pictures.) The Spot have been coming in runs on occasion; but the runs are sporadic and unpredictable.

Current Conditions:
50-52 degrees, ENE wind blowing lightly.

NNE-ENE light to 9mph between tonight and tomorrow night. Daytime high is 68; low is about 52 (overnight into Thurs).

Call for updates overnight: 757-481-7071

Regs. are here:

Weather here:

Water Temp is here:
First Landing/Cape Henry 69.9 degrees

Tides are here:

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