Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fishing Report from Tues, Sept 26th (It's late, sorry.)

The Spot run slowed considerably in late afternoon when the tide started out and the wind kicked up to 30mph.
Throughout the evening, they had some Spot, a few small Croaker, and some undersized Speckled and Gray Trout. (Only one keeper Speck during the day that I'm aware of.)

Someone finally just caught a Puppy Drum; but we're not sure if it was a keeper or not. (Apologies, but I'm not dressed to go out there tonight to find out.)
Regs are here so you don't have to pay the piper:

Crabbing is pretty much kaput for the season.

Next tides are high at 2:30am; low at 8:30am, then high at 3pm, and low again at 9:30pm tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's forecast is:
More Maria!
More strong N-NE winds ranging from 14-21mph (keep in mind they may be stronger out here). Temps between 75-80 degrees, and rain for most of the morning.

Call overnight for more info. Tech support is headed home.

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