Friday, April 28, 2017


The Pier will be OPEN FOR FISHING TODAY at 4:00pm. Tackle Shop and Pier doors will not be unlocked until 4:00pm.

As we have been closed for the winter, we have no idea what's biting out there just yet. We will not start answering the telephones until sometime between 6 and 7pm. By then we should have a good idea of what's biting.

Sometime before opening, we will post the tide chart for you for the next few days in the comment section, as well as in it's own post. (Photos of this season's full tide chart will be forthcoming as well.) We will post our first fishing report about the same time we start to answer the phones.

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE THE PAGE OR POST ON THE PAGE AND ASK WHAT'S BITING. We apologize that we will not be able to individually answer fishing report questions via messenger or post.

Please excuse the slight mess in the tackle shop as we ended up a little behind schedule this year. We had contracted to have a new floor put in, and the person we hired flaked on us, necessitating in us doing it ourselves which put us behind.

We will have a full line of bait for you, and we do you have a decent supply of snacks and can/bottled drinks. The 20 year old CO2 canister is being replaced, so we may not have fountain drinks until sometime Saturday morning. We apologize for the inconvenience.

** "T" UPDATE: Please do not go past the new railing on the end of the pier. Climbing over this railing, out onto the unsecured structure, is very dangerous. Sometime within the next couple of weeks, the company that we use for repairs will actually be pulling the pilings that made up the T. If they are left without structure on top of them, they will break off and cause further damage to the pier; so they must be removed. They will pull them, and store them for us until such time as we can afford to put the T back on the end of the pier. (Please continue reading below for an exclamation of why the T is not being put back at this time.)

**Unfortunately, the "T" on the end of the Pier will not have been repaired before we open, and we do not yet have a date set for it's completion. As we are still paying off the repairs from the 2009 November Nor'Easter, we were unable to secure the funds necessary for the specialized structural repairs that are required for the T to be repaired. The structural damage to the end of the T ended up being more extensive than we had first estimated. We know how much this sucks, and how disappointed everyone will be to hear this news. There will be an end of the pier, it just will not be out as far since your safety is our first priority.

In order to help facilitate the funding necessary to rebuild the T, we have made the hard decision to raise the Adult Admission rate (age 12 and up) to $12 this year. We are also raising the rate of the 3 Day Passes to $30 (saving $6 off the new Admission Rate). We would encourage you to purchase the 3 Day Passes and/or the Season Passes if you are frequent fliers.

We will be honoring all leftover 2016 3 Day Passes from Opening Day through May 25th of the 2017 Season. If you still have any of those, don't forget to bring them along.

Children age 6-11 will remain $6, children under 5 will remain Free. Season Passes will remain $200, and Sightseeing Fees will remain the same. We will also be continuing our Buddy Day Bargain every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all Season. (All rates and details can be found under the Services Tab on the left of the page.)

We hate that the rate increase comes down to modern economics, but it does. To give a little perspective, the total sum of repair costs from Hurricane Isabel, the November Nor'Easter, and last year's storm damage would have built the Pier more than several times over back in 1956 when we first opened. You should know that there was much debate on this issue, and it was not a decision we took lightly. We know and understand that the rate increase is not ideal, and that there are likely to be many comments, and much discussion, on the subject. All we can do is apologize that circumstances have made it a necessity, and kindly request that you keep your comments, and discussions, clean and civil. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

SOME GOOD NEWS: We will be re-locating the cleaning tables to the right side of the Pier, leaving more room on the left side, and they will be moved further out so they are in deeper water. If this is not done by today, it will of been done within the next week. We are also working on getting some running water out there for you. We will be thinking a new well very soon, and cleaning tables should be operational, with running water, at least prior to Memorial Day weekend.

We thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience that the recent delays have caused. Things should get back to normal pretty quickly.

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