Monday, September 5, 2016

Fishing Report for Mon, Sept 5th


As of this post, they are catching LOTS of big Spot, some nice-sized Croaker, small to keeper-size Red Drum (Puppy Drum), and and small to keeper-size Speckled Trout. There have also been a bunch of miscellaneous odd-ball fish.

Be careful... We have seen some under-sized Red Drum and under-sized Speckled Trout recently. Red Drum must be a Min 18 IN. to a Max 26 IN.; you can keep 3. Specks must be bigger than 14 IN. (only 1 may be bigger than 24 IN.); you can keep 5. VMRC Regs are here:…/re…/swrecfishingrules.php

The tide starts in around 7:30pm tonight and will be high around 12:30am. Wind is currently NW between 12 and 14mph.

Be sure to bring your rain gear to keep out the wind and the salt spray! Other suggested supplies may include plastic zipper bags for your wallet/phone etc., several pairs of dry socks, and possibly a change of clothes.

We do sell full 3 piece Rain Suits in sizes from Medium to 7XL. They start at $19.95 and go up to $23.95. When buying, select a suit that's at least 2 sizes larger than your normal size for men; possibly 3 sizes for women who need more room at the top. Aside of the fact that they run about a half size too small, you want plenty of room to sit, cast, and wear cold weather gear under it if necessary.

Crabs really aren't biting at the moment and Crabbing is not recommended at this time due to the waves and wind. They dig in and tend not to bite when the water is rough. We won't know whether or not they will keep biting this season until after things calm down.

DO NOT PARK IN THE RESTAURANT'S SIDE OF THE LOT PLEASE! We know that parking is limited at the moment due to the interest in the fishing, but we ask that you refrain from parking in the Fish House Restaurant's side of the lot. If they catch you there, they may tow your car. If they ask you to move, please do so without comment except to comply.
Facing the building, the Fish House Restaurant's side of the lot is the Right side (the side that you drive up).
Our parking lots are the Left side (facing the building and it's the side you drive down), and the lot directly across the street is ours except for the numbered spaces against the condos (you are facing this lot when you drive down our side of the top lot - sorry, the sign was damaged in the storm yesterday). If both lots are full, you may either patiently wait for a parking spot all the way to the side of the top lot where the metal and sand fences are, or find a parking spot on the street. Please do not wait at the top of the lot and please move to allow traffic to continue to flow through the lot or allow other cars to leave their spaces.
We do have carts to rent for $3 and either your Driver's License or State ID so you can more easily schlep your gear. They are first come, first serve.
Please feel free to ask any additional parking questions here.

Also, while the end is so crowded because we are catching fish, please follow some common Fisherman Etiquette while you are out there:
-Cast only in front of you
-Do not cut someone else's line without their permission
-Do not push or bully others out of a spot you would like to be in if they were there first
-Do not claim-jump someone else's spot if they leave to go to the restroom or to get more bait
-Do not spread out into more space than you really need
Following these simple rules of etiquette will make everyone's fishing trip that much more pleasant.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation!
Just a reminder to everyone that WE DO NOT GIVE OUT INDIVIDUAL FISHING REPORTS VIA MESSENGER on Facebook. Please continue to check our Newsfeed and if our report is not up to date enough for you, please feel free to call for the latest fishing report 757-481-7071. (New reports may not be posted on Sundays and Mondays because tech support is not available.)

All our info can be found here:

Water temp is here:
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 76.8 degrees
First Landing/Cape Henry 77 degrees

Weather can be checked here:

Lynnhaven Inlet
Cape Henry

(For the most accurate tides, use Cape Henry and/or Lynnhaven Inlet for the address - the pier is about half-way between the two points)
Incoming tide is typically better than outgoing tide. Incoming tide is approx. 1 hour after Low up to 1 hour before High.
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