Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fishing Report for Tues, Sept 22nd

We've had some more Spanish Mackerel today; unsure if there were any keepers. We've had some nice-sized Spot, but no run of them yet. Had a few Croaker as well, and some under-sized Speckled Trout. Puppy Drum have been seen on occasion over the last week, but are still being evasive (no one has caught one).

Hopefully this current weather pattern will bring in some more fish. The wind is supposed to be North through NNE 10-15mph throughout the week and through the weekend. Air temps will be low to mid 70s during the day, not including wind chill factors.

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It is Virginia Beach, so the weather changes by the minute. We recommend checking the report for yourself using the links below before you come. While we are happy to tell you what it looks like outside our window, we are no better at predicting the weather than the weatherman is.

Please read: All the Lynnhaven Pier Info You Need to Know
The majority of your questions can be answered there. Please read that information before sending us a private message to ask something that is answered there; you will receive the above link as your reply.

Current Bay Temps:
About 76.3 degrees Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT)
About 76.6 degrees at First Landing/Cape Henry

Current Weather at the Pier: http://www.wunderground.com/q/zmw:23451.6.99999
Current and Future Weather at the Pier: http://tinyurl.com/WeatherChannel23451

Our Tide Charts can be found in this album (they are in order from Left to Right from May Through October):
Lynnhaven Inlet http://tinyurl.com/TidesLynnhavenInlet
Cape Henry http://tinyurl.com/TidesCapeHenry
(For the most accurate tides, use Cape Henry and/or Lynnhaven Inlet for the address - the pier is about half-way between the two points)

Incoming tide is typically better than outgoing tide. Incoming tide is approx. 1 hour after Low up to 1 hour before High.

If you have any trouble with the links, please right-click and choose to open in another tab or window; that sometimes solves the problem

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